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Welcome to www.mikedetmer.com!
If you know me, you’re likely aware that I’ve dedicated five decades of my career to the realm of business management and consulting. Throughout my journey, I’ve been passionately engaged in helping businesses and their managers elevate their ventures to the next level of success.
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For those who aren’t acquainted with me yet, allow me to introduce myself. Currently, I serve as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at AVPro Global Holdings, https://www.avproglobal.com, one of my esteemed business consulting clients. As such, my focus remains dedicated to steering the AVPro portfolio of brands towards excellence, which means I’m not available for external business consulting services at this time.

If you’re curious about the scope of my past consulting endeavors and the services I’ve offered, I invite you to explore the link below to gain insights into my extensive experience.

Additionally, should you wish to connect with me further or explore potential opportunities, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn, where you’ll find the link provided below.

Once again, I extend my gratitude for visiting my website. I hope you find it informative and valuable. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!
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